Protection from falls through rooflights and fragile roofs

Protection from falls through rooflights and fragile roofs.


Risks of falls are the worst nightmare for Facilities Managers and building owners.

Safetyworks have available a full range of equipment for the following to cover all eventualities including raised lights, flush fitting industrial roof lights and also asbestos cement sheets.

With walkways also available to provide safe access across fragile roofs and aluminium roofs susceptible to damage from foot passage and flooding.

LightGuard – 1800mm x 3000mm panels for covering roof lights on steel profiled roofs.

FallGuard – continuous rows of fall protection panels for protection through asbestos cemet roof sheets.

Flexideck – light weight energy absorbing walkways for access across asbestos roofs and roofing systems prone to damage and flooding.

DomoGuard – free standing guardrails around raised roof lights.