Fall Restraint and arrest systems – Active protection systems.

Fall Restraint and arrest systems – Active protection systems.


Generally horizontal and vertical wire based mansafe systems on either static or engineered energy absorbing posts.

For certain roof types where penetrations are not wanted and the system needs to be hidden, rail based systems are available too.


BS EN795: 2012 single user and CEN/ TS 16415: 2013 Type C multi user.

ACR [CP] 007:2008 Recommended Practice for use of horizontal safety lines in roof work.

These products are installed systems only; Safetyworks are pleased to assist in specification and also detailing the layout and providing schemes that provide Total Access to areas required fr either complete access or to designated areas.


Items 1 & 2 Wire based restraint and arrest sytems, wire based for hands free operation.

1) QBM Soter – High Load posts and horizontal wire systems

2) Capital – Spiriotech Energy Absorbing Anchors & horizontal wire systems

3) ROOFSAFE – Capital safety continuous rail system

Roof safe – A revolutionary new solution for zinc roofs, standing seam & trapizoidal sheets, a cost effective solution where cable based systems cannot be used.

Zinc and Aluminium Roofs – Roofsafe clamps neatly to the raised seams avoiding the need for penetrations through the zinc with savings in costly weatherproofing & potential future problems.

Annual service & inspections – All BS/EN 795 anchorage & lifeline systems must be inspected annually.

Service contracts are available upon request.

Fall Arrest or Fall Restraint?