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Safetyworks and Solutions Ltd  – Established in 1999



  • Site Survey – Risk Access – Provide Solution
  • Provide full cost inc logistics, hoisting, and safe access to enable installation
  • Full CAD design backed with full PI and Product Insurance
  • Off the shelf and bespoke products
  • Full contract services or supply only
  • Annual service and inspection of safety systems
  • In house delivery service

Products :-

  • Handrails – free standing and fixed
  • EasyGuard, CurvyGuard, DomoGuard (rooflights)
  • Folding Guardrail
  • Guardrail for profiled steel and aluminium roofs
  • DeMarKit – demarcation systems

Fall restraint and abseil :-

  • Fall Restraint Systems
  • Fall Arrest Systems
  • Abseil Posts and Davit Systems
  • QBM Soter, Captial 3M, and Ikar (GB)
  • Supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

High level access :-

  • Caged access ladders
  • Fire escapes, staircases and roof plant stairs
  • Flexideck and FallGuard – safe access to asbestos and fragile roofs
  • Elevated walkways and gantries
  • Steel platforms and walkways
  • Roof-light protection systems



Safetyworks and Solutions Ltd – Established in 1999
An established Total Access and Height Safety Systems provider.
Based in East Anglia providing high level access products and a full range of safety systems across the UK.
Safetyworks has a full design and draughting service for access ladders, staircases and roof walkways and gantries with compliance for critical structures to EN1090 CE Accreditation.
A full range of collective roof safety systems to include free-standing handrails, fixed rooftop barriers and folding rooftop free standing guardrails and rooflight guarding to provide collective protection. Bespoke and powder coated to suit your requirements where a greater aesthetic is required.
Passive mansafe systems to include horizontal and vertical life lines, abseil rails, fall restraint systems and arrest system for when the hierarchical requirements cannot be met.
Specialist in protective systems for access across fragile roofs and roof light protection. Our range includes roof top walkways for high level areas where regular access is required onto roofing systems where regular traffic may damage the roof itself.
There are very few places we can’t take you…..
Please call the team; we look forward to working with you and welcome all your enquiries.

Our Services

Walkways: Flexideck and Fallguard

Handrails: Easyguard free standing

Lifelines: Uniline 8, 16 and Orange

Ladders and steelworks: Up and Over step units for safe access over roof top plant.

Customer support

We believe in personal attention and advice so you won’t find a shopping trolley on our website, every customer has individual requirements and often help is needed in choosing the right product.

£ Great prices!

SafetyWorks & Solutions provide full manufacturing facilities for one off bespoke and small production runs from our new works in Bluntisham. Galvanising is an industrial finish.